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London’s biggest rap and drill group 67 originally includes six MCs including Dimzy, LD, Liquez, ASAP, Dimzy, Monkey, and SJ. They  notable group, known for their catchy punchlines and sick bars began to gain serious attention with their breakout track “Live Corn” in 2014; the following year they cemented their reputation with two high-profile singles, “Skengman” and “Take It There,” followed by their first acclaimed mixtape titled In Skengs We Trust, released just before SJ stopped appearing on releases for reasons that 67 refused to discuss. In 2016, the crew set their sights even higher. Their early single, “Let’s Lurk,” not only featured Giggs but set the table for their first charting mixtape, also titled Let’s Lurk, which ironically placed at number 66 in the U.K. charts. 

67 interview: This is not a gang. This is a logo. This is a company. This is a brand.

Book a personalised video shoutout from 67 members Dimzy, Liquez and SJ for a friend’s birthday, weddings, anniversary, advice just to name a few. Or, why not send a happy quarantine message to someone who needs it? Whatever the occasion — we’ve got you covered with an AMP shoutout.

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